Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 & Cat6A

Designing, supplying and installing CAT 5E & CAT 6, 6A : – is what we specialize in, let us help you get your network up to speed.

Current trends show that data rates have been increasing by 200% every year and a half. Current applications running at 1 GB/s are really pushing the limits of CAT 5e cabling. As streaming media applications such as video and multi-media become more common, the demands for faster data rates will increase and create new applications that will benefit from the higher bandwidth offered by CAT 6 or CAT6A (10 GB)

Note: Bandwidth is defined as the highest frequency up to which positive power sum ACR (Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio) is greater than zero. CAT6 is designed to be compatible with both CAT5 and CAT5e cabling, so when upgrading, you don’t have to replace everything at once. With any new installation, definitely try to opt for CAT6. With all the advances being made, it will give your system a shot at keeping up with future technology. For existing networks, use CAT6 whenever laying new cable, as it’s the first step toward an upgrade. You can also add new pieces of infrastructure over time – a switch here, a patch panel there – to slowly prepare your infrastructure for an upgrade.

Think of it as doubling the lanes on the highway before the traffic jam occurs – you are simply planning for the future. And as multi-media and video applications become more mainstream, the need for speedy data rates will only go up. The main advantage of CAT6 is its superb transmission performance. You can expect less near end crosstalk (NEXT), better insertion loss, and equal levels of far end crosstalk (ELFEXT). You will also have a better shield from external noise and generally fewer operating errors overall compared to CAT5 or CAT5e systems. Improvements, such as described, provide a higher signal-to-noise ratio, allowing greater reliability for current applications and higher data rates for future applications.