We supply and install both Analogue and Digital IP CCTV Systems. Along with Cameras, DVRs and Monitors

Utilising existing IP networks
All businesses with IP-based computer networks with connections to the Internet can easily integrate their security system to their network. IP cameras can simply be added to such networks, extending its functionality to include video.

Video monitoring
IP cameras and recorded video footage can be viewed using computers on the local network, or remotely via the Internet. User access can be limited by using passwords and IP filtering, and video can be encrypted for additional security.

Video encoders
Existing analogue CCTV cameras do not have to be wasted. The analogue output of CCTV cameras can be digitised using video encoders, enabling the video signals to be send over IP networks.

Using video management software (VMS), video can be recorded and stored on computers that are part of the network. The footage can be viewed by authorised users, either locally or remotely.

As an alternative to using video management software, recording and video management can also be done using a dedicated network video recorder (NVR). This is added to the network in the same way a PC or server would be added.

Video decoders
Existing analogue monitoring equipment does not have to be discarded either. If video monitoring is required on an existing CCTV monitors, video decoders can be used to convert IP signals back to analogue.

Superior image quality
It’s all about image quality. HD and advanced megapixel IP cameras deliver superior image quality leaving no detail missed. High resolution cameras also have a much greater field of view, reducing the number of cameras required on an installation, which reduces cost.

Intelligence increases effectiveness
Video analytics make cameras ‘intelligent’ and with that, more effective. Intelligent analytics include applications such as motion detection, spotting an object being removed, facial recognition, virtual tripwire detection, people or vehicle counting, automatic number plate recognition and auto-tracking, whereby a pan-tilt-zoom camera can follow a moving object.With video analytics, a camera becomes a virtual 24/7 guard, able to raise the alarm and notify system users.

Flexibility through ease of installation
Installations using Power over Ethernet (PoE), Wireless technology, and the use of existing network infrastructure and computer hardware, make IP systems a very attractive option for small and large businesses With the additional advantages of reduced maintenance cost and easy system scalability,the business case for IP video is undeniable.

With network-based video systems there is virtually no limitation to where video can be captured or can be viewed. As long as the camera and the user have network connectivity, video from anywhere can be watched, anywhere.